420 dating meaning

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If you’ve seen an ad for an apartment on Craigslist or Air Bn B stating ‘420 friendly’, it denotes that the owners or those living are open-minded around cannabis use, without having to overtly mention it.

It’s a more discreet way to communicate that “we welcome cannabis use” online in other words.

Whatever the case, we’ll cover what it signifies to smokers and when it is most commonly used.

What 420 stands for is simple, really: any and all things weed-related.

These fun facts could be deal-breakers (think career, hobbies, religion, children) for some, and for others, they could be deal makers.

Regardless of your stance, knowing if someone is ‘420 friendly’ or not is a shortcut way to see if the both of you are compatible.

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For example, before lighting up at a party, a stoner might lean over to a friend and say “are the rest of them 420 friendly? Someone will say they’re “420 Friendly” and want a partner who’s also a toker.Plus some fun ways to celebrate 420 on April 20th, of course! Perhaps you’ve already got a good sense that the 420 symbol is related to marijuana in some way.No need for “wikipedia 420” or “What does 420 mean urban dictionary” search queries; you’ll find all the answers to your questions here. Or maybe you’re not familiar with it at all and want the scoop.The students caught on, and “made it their own.” The story of 420 has caused some confusion among some of the more naive types.Much to the chagrin of pot smokers, the holiday created by potheads does not mean it’s legal to smoke on 420, although that’s a cute, innocent, and frequently asked question. It’s one day where smokers can share a bond all across the nation.

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