Action figure therapy dating tips

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"Couples therapy is a good choice for a couple whenever they feel like they are stuck and can't figure out a realistic solution," Racine R.Henry, Ph D, a licensed marriage and family therapist, tells Bustle."Going to therapy does not mean that your relationship is failing or that something is inherently wrong.We all get stuck sometimes and just having a neutral person involved can work wonders."But the good news is, it's not always necessary to march into an office.You can still snag expert advice, and put it to use in your relationship, simply by doing some research.Here are a few tips from couples therapists for fighting fairly, keeping that spark alive, and working together to create the healthiest relationship possible."In a healthy relationship, we value it because we have something to learn from it."The way you two interact likely has very little to do with each other, but more so to do with what you learned about relationships when you were a kid."The template for relationships (love, caring, belonging, etc.) is set in childhood," Koenig says.

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That's why therapists often suggest couples make an effort to keep things fresh, with a few simple tricks..The struggle is forcing yourself to do something new so you don’t stay gripped in the power of the pattern." Many couples therapists points out that, nine times out of 10, when we assume we know what our partners are thinking, we are usually 100 percent wrong.And that's because "a lot of couples view a situation solely from only their perception of a situation," coach Andi La Brune, relationship expert and mentor, tells Bustle."Most couples have no idea that most of how they relate to a partner is due to this template.They also don’t recognize that they get unconsciously triggered when upsetting or unhappy childhood memories automatically resurface in similar current situations."But this knowledge really can change how you interact.

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