Actual sex chat conversations

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If you’ve got the time, cancel call waiting before you call your lover up.

Just speak normally in a soft, low voice and the rest will follow.

[Read: 20 sexy naughty text messages to initiate phone sex] Why should you have phone sex when you can just have sex instead? If you have sex in the same missionary position for a few years without talking dirty or fantasizing in bed, sex can definitely start to feel like a chore that’s best avoided.

Why is making out in public or groping each other in a car more exciting?

Setting the mood right for phone sex Your surrounding can play a big part in the way you feel and how much you can enjoy phone sex.

If you want to have a naughty conversation without any distractions, use these tips to get your surrounding right. The darker the room, the more you can focus on what you’re hearing without getting distracted.

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