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To do this, download a DNS Changer app such as this one, open it, then choose to add a “Custom DNS.” Type the following DNS addresses onto the “DNS 1” and “DNS 2” lines: These are the DNS addresses for Ad Guard’s free DNS servers.Finally, just tap Start, and you should connect to the server!In the long run, it’s up to the sites to patch themselves up so this stops happening.In the short-term, clearing your cache can get rid of the pop-ups.Among other factors, it has the best built-in pop-up and ad blocker out of the big Android browsers, doing a better job of filtering them than Chrome.Related: 5 of the Best Android Browsers with Ad Block Features Malware is an all-encompassing term that can mean spyware, ransomware, and/or adware.

It is basically an Ad-Blocking tool that allows you to block ads when you browse on your Android device.Mostly, Android apps are free but they may have various ads in those apps when you search for games, internet or even read, there will be ads.There are multiple forms of ads, some may be so irritating as they never go away, flash ads will take up the whole screen, and popups at the least expected time, this may sometime lead to opening them mistakenly.This is done by modifying the Hosts file of your device.It can also block ads from all browsers, games, apps, websites and much more.

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