All of the playlists selected for updating no longer exist

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The control will have the default value Null, and the combo will display nothing.

A user can be instructed to delete the entry as well, provided this value — Null — is handled in a meaningful way by the application.

When controls on a form are used as criteria in a query, Null values usually break the mechansim.

This is the reason for the vast majority or requests to add “all” as an option.

At the time of writing, a user comment on the page expresses the general feeling: “why does such a simple thing require 50 lines of code?Many apparently good solutions will totally mess up the query grid when the query is next opened.The demo file contains one query that looks perfectly reasonable in SQL view, but gets totally mangled by the query design How is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. The Apple i Pod, the world's classic portable media player, offers high-quality listening and viewing experiences on-the-go.To create this article, 13 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. Unfortunately, i Tunes, the computer software required to put music and other media files on the i Pod, can be tricky to use, especially for users who aren't computer-savvy.

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