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The "Illuminate" era continued the top 10 hits with three more, but it wasn't until his third, self-titled album came out that this teen idol showed a new maturity in his sound and songwriting; indeed, its lead single "In My Blood" was his first #1 on my chart, and follow-ups "Nervous" and "Lost In Japan" also did well. His debut album "Handwritten" was a huge smash as "Something Big" became his breakthrough top 10 hit on my chart, followed by an also impressive run for "Stitches".

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Niall Horan has reached my top 10 three times so far, including the #1 "Too Much To Ask".

So far, Harry Styles has, as expected, done the best, with three top 5 hits including the massive #1 "Sign Of The Times", which was my #3 song of 2017.

In 2016, they started their hiatus, during which time their members embarked on solo projects to mixed success.

Overall, their success has continued over such a long period of time, and despite a few down points, they have always bounced back again.

To date, they are the most successul act in my chart's history without a #1 song; they have had several top 10's over the years, from "Speed Of Sound" and "Viva La Vida" to "Atlas" and "Adventure Of A Lifetime", and most recently, their Chainsmokers collaboration "Something Just Like This".

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