Anyone dating special operations

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In cases where Major Crimes works with the FBI, Fritz often acts as a liaison agent, much to the amusement of the MCD detectives.He is later officially given the position after Brenda is put onto the short list for the possible future Chief of Police. citizen who was supposed to give a testimony in federal court over illegal drug trafficking committed by his cousin but because the victim had not yet testified, he was not under federal protection.

However, this causes some friction between Fritz and Brenda and he stops giving her squad special treatment when his colleagues start making fun of him .When he coordinates and takes part in special operations, he can be seen in the Special Operations Bureau's Class B tactical uniform, with focus on comfort and durability.It also features the patch of the SOB and subdued rank insignia.He is also told that he should think about retiring or taking disability leave because going back to work could possibly risk his life.He ignores these suggestions and returns to work wearing a pacemaker and eating blood thinners to reduce the clotting in his arteries, though he keeps this secret from all but Tao.

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