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Pete 7/2/19 Cougar and Bobcat on the trail cam in the last two days.A shout out to Wynne for alerting me to the Bobcat!“In terms of conditions the jungle is tougher than out on the plain, because it’s very humid and we do get problems with other cameras.

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The choice to go with the Vari Cam came about due to the darkened environment created by the thick tree cover.Some can be in the production stage for many years before anything goes to air.“Going into these really hot and difficult environments is something that I’ve been doing for the past 10-15 years, so I’m quite used to it by now,” said Graham.“You want to just focus on the viewfinder and the images that the viewers at home are going to see, and with the Vari Cam LT we were able to do that.” Graham paired the camera with a Canon CN7 lens for the majority of the shoot, with the occasional addition of a CN20 long lens, when working at more of a distance.Filming primarily at 800 ISO, he was able to make use of the Vari Cam LT’s dual native 5000 ISO setting a handful of times, such as at sunset.

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