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Below is what will result, if you violate these terms.

Apostolic will hire legal counsel and will file suit in Indiana state court, on the grounds of without limitation, damages for loss of business profits, business interruption, loss of business information or other pecuniary loss) arising directly or indirectly from the use of (or failure to use) our services.

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If not married, then it is up to the woman to make sure that men don't stumble into her vagina by dressing as frumpy and unattractive as they can.This means you have obeyed or are in the process of obeying the plan of salvation found in Acts .To be consider Apostolic you've must have repented, been baptized in Jesus name, and have received the Holy Ghost with evidence of speaking in other tongues. At any time Apostolic Friends (Apostolic Singles.net) is at liberty to terminate a subscription if found that the subscriber is not a pursuer, obeyer, and believer of the Apostolic Doctrine or Biblical principals.By subscribing to this site you accept the terms and conditions in this agreement. Due to the technical nature of our service, all services Apostolic Friends provides are provided AS IS. Disputes or Reversal Of Charges through Bank Account or Credit Card Company. If a member disputes our charge or the transaction is reversed with his/her credit card company or bank and Apostolic Friends (Apostolic Singles.net) loses the dispute and payment amount, Apostolic Friends (Apostolic Singles.net) will turn the member's account over to our collections department B.Paid Subscriptions This website is not a free service. Apostolic Friends (Apostolic Singles.net) has a strict NO REFUND POLICY! Apostolic Friends (Apostolic Singles.net) will seek in collections an amount equal to the prior purchase amount plus .00 for chargeback settlement and collection fees incurred by Apostolic Friends (Apostolic Singles.net) due to the dispute or reversal of the the transaction brought by the customer or the bank. If all collection attempts are unsuccessful, Apostolic Friends (Apostolic Singles.net) will file suit in our county small claims court.

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