Army dating in same unit regulations

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We’ll start with a question about Guard and Reserve training, then dive deeper into the minimum annual service requirement you can expect, and the reality of what it means to serve in the Guard and Reserves.

This article will serve as a primer for anyone considering joining the National Guard or Reserves.

However, it’s more of a guideline than a hard and fast rule.

It’s possible to serve much more than that in a year, up to and including serving on a full-time basis.

Their service differs only after they complete basic training, tech school, and any required follow-on training (if any).

After initial training, the member then reports to their Guard or Reserve unit and is then on the standard Guard or Reserve schedule, which is often referred to as “one weekend a month, two weeks a year.” The phrase, The one weekend a month refers to the normal monthly drill assembly (also called a Unit Training Assembly, or UTA).

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For example, an Army Reserve unit may require an entire company or battalion to report at the same time and location for field training.Many units schedule these two weeks during the summer, but there is no standard rule.Some bases may schedule everyone to serve their AT days at the same time and location.Other units may be able to function on a smaller scale.So they may be able to serve their AT days at a different time and place.

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