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While caring for her mother, Litsa, who is battling stage 4 brain cancer, TV host Maria Menounos was confronted with her own health scare.

In February, she began to experience unusual symptoms.

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So, if you look at it properly, by which I mean listening to the words that were coming out of Rosen’s mouth and paying attention to when they did so, I believe she’s calling Mrs.

Romney’s economic street-savvy into question because Romney is an extremely wealthy woman who is just as out-of-touch as her staggeringly wealthy husband, not taking a swipe at her for choosing to be a stay-at-home mom.

Howell claimed there were inaccuracies in Progress VA’s report, and Scholl asked him to name some.

Howell couldn’t, but felt that the group should have mentioned other, unrelated information that he liked better.

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