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Salman Khan- Katrina Kaif The love story between Salman and Katrina was going perfectly well and the whole country which was waiting for Salman’s marriage was rumoring that Kat is the girl who will come in his life.But unfortunately, things went bad and they suffered a break up , the reason being the young gun Ranbir Kapoor’s proximity with Katrina.

The actress was also spotted in the birthday party of Ranbir, of course as a “friend”.

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Kunal and Soha are perhaps one of the few couples who have come clean on their long standing relationship.

The Yash Raj Films scion was reportedly there to celebrate his mother Pamela Chopra’s birthday with Rani.

For long the media has been speculating on the duo’s relationship, even reporting that they would tie the knot in 2014.

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