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She learns hand-to-hand combat skills and is killed by the demonic assassin, Shax, at the conclusion of the season three finale.Shannen Doherty has been working since 1981 when she was ten.As the series develops, he transitions from being suspicious of the Halliwell sisters and their close association with paranormal cases but eventually comes around to their side.He continues to help the sisters get out of trouble with the law by covering for them whenever an unsolved case begins to point in their direction.Holly Marie Combs was already a veteran actor when she landed her role on Leo Wyatt is first introduced as the sisters' handyman, but it becomes apparent he is something far greater.As a Whitelighter, Leo has a number of abilities including orbing, healing, levitation and many more.Cole Turner was first introduced in the third season as an Assistant District Attorney, but turns out to be a half-human/half-demon sent by the Triad to take out the sisters.He hits a snag in his plan when he falls in love with Phoebe and they eventually marry after he rids himself of his demonic nature.

The series took place in San Francisco and helped to grow the careers of the cast, which included Shannen Doherty, Alyssa Milano and Rose Mc Gowan.

He quickly develops into the love-interest to Piper and the couple eventually marry.

His relationship with one of the sisters becomes a common plot-point throughout the series as it created a conflict between the sisters and the Elders.

This duality gave Paige the powers of both a witch and a Whitelighter.

As her character develops, she becomes instrumental in restructuring the Power of Three and thanks to her Whitelighter abilities, one of the most powerful of the Halliwells.

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