Buddahist thoughts on dating

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“Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s,” said Jesus, “and unto God what is God’s.” Buddhism is a faith in the practice of here and now. The concept of rebirth precludes the idea of an eternal heaven.The Christian faith requires the concept of heaven (although not historically a concept of hell). So Buddhists who embrace the cosmology of certain sects of Buddhism or atheism, could never entertain the idea of Christian Buddhists: just as Christians who believe God is continually participating in every thought of their life could never believe in a happiness that is caused by their own free will. I'm able to concentrate well and have great intentions.I'm merge well with my surroundings and enjoy good food.

I really cannot profess to know much about which particular non-denominational Christian group my family follows but it was not open to ideas of a separation of secular and spiritual practice.

WHERE JESUS AND BUDDHA AGREE There are many books on the topic of where Buddhism and Christianity agree in philosophy.

The same can be made of most (if not all) religions.

While Jesus performs miracles and teaches his gospel, he always leaves these parables as tools so that his followers can make their own choices towards happiness.

The Buddha does the same as Jesus, but without the need to exclude the idea of other faiths.

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