Bungie player model not updating Chatnz

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That’s something few other independent studios can tout moving into a new game.Activision gave Bungie an incredible springboard to work from. That idea paid off at launch, but now that Bungie has complete control of their, ahem, destiny, I want to know where they can take it next.Fans may be excited for Bungie to move away from the Activision release schedule, but the Bungie Activision split means that under their Activision contract.In fact, recent leaks have talked about the plans for that game, which in hindsight, may actually factor into this whole breakup.One suggestion—the ones that fans most support—is for Bungie to maintain , or other MMOs.

There's also a list of fundamental changes coming to the Crucible, when Update 1.2.3 drops for Destiny 2 on July 17.

Bungie’s plans with the Annual Pass continue to support that.

Instead of traditional campaign add-ons, the Annual Pass acts as a sort of subscription that keeps players updated with the latest endgame grinds and chases.

We’re on the precipice of the next generation of consoles, which is the perfect place for Bungie to reset with a brand new game.

expansion since Bungie ended its partnership with publisher Activision in January.

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