C maskedtextbox validatingtype

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For example, if a user types in alpha characters (like "abc") into a numeric field, a data conversion error occurs before Row Validation.In this case we need a "global" error checker to detect data conversion errors.You can use a Data Grid View Combo Box Column to act a as "look up table" to show a user friendly version of the field, rather than just a numeric equivalent.

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Public Class Data Grid View Masked Edit Column Inherits Data Grid View Column Private p Prompt Char As Char = "_"c Private p Validating Type As Type = Get Type(String) Private p Mask As String = "" Public Sub New() My Base. Prompt Char End Sub Public Overrides Read Only Property Edit Type() As Type Get ' Return the type of the editing control that Masked Edit Editing Control uses.

However, you'll need to add a button and one line of code to be able to save changes back to the database. Load 'TODO: This line of code loads data into the 'North Wind Data Set. If the user hovers over the red "eye ball" (it kinda looks like a lower-case "i") they will see the reason why the input was rejected. Cancel" method with some caution, as it will "lock down" the Data Grid View control, and not let the user move to any other row (or switch to any other control) until after the error is fixed.

Below is an example of the automatically generated form Load Event and the manually-created Update button event handler for saving the data: Private Sub fm Main_Load(By Val sender As System. The Row Validating event and Error Provider may not be able to detect all errors.

Dim index As Integer ' find the location of the column index = Data Grid View1. Name = "Category" ' the column name (and heading) dgvc.

Data Property Name = "Category ID" ' the matching column from the "base" table dgvc.

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