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* ************************************************************************ Available Formats [IMG] CSV [IMG] XML [IMG] HTML [IMG] Plain text Transport Registration Modification Service Known Service Name Port Number Protocol Description Assignee Contact Date Date Reference Code Unauthorized Assignment Notes Uses 0 tcp Reserved [Jon_Postel] [Jon_Postel] 0 udp Reserved [Jon_Postel] [Jon_Postel] tcpmux 1 tcp TCP Port Service Multiplexer [Mark_Lottor] [Mark_Lottor] tcpmux 1 udp TCP Port Service Multiplexer [Mark_Lottor] [Mark_Lottor] compressnet 2 tcp Management Utility compressnet 2 udp Management Utility compressnet 3 tcp Compression Process [Bernie_Volz] [Bernie_Volz] compressnet 3 udp Compression Process [Bernie_Volz] [Bernie_Volz] 4 tcp Unassigned 4 udp Unassigned rje 5 tcp Remote Job Entry [Jon_Postel] [Jon_Postel] rje 5 udp Remote Job Entry [Jon_Postel] [Jon_Postel] 6 tcp Unassigned 6 udp Unassigned echo 7 tcp Echo [Jon_Postel] [Jon_Postel] echo 7 udp Echo [Jon_Postel] [Jon_Postel] 8 tcp Unassigned 8 udp Unassigned discard 9 tcp Discard [Jon_Postel] [Jon_Postel] discard 9 udp Discard [Jon_Postel] [Jon_Postel] discard 9 sctp Discard [Randall_Stewart] [Randall_Stewart] [RFC4960] discard 9 dccp Discard [Eddie_Kohler] [Eddie_Kohler] [RFC4340] 1145656131 10 tcp Unassigned 10 udp Unassigned systat 11 tcp Active Users [Jon_Postel] [Jon_Postel] systat 11 udp Active Users [Jon_Postel] [Jon_Postel] 12 tcp Unassigned 12 udp Unassigned daytime 13 tcp Daytime [Jon_Postel] [Jon_Postel] [RFC867] daytime 13 udp Daytime [Jon_Postel] [Jon_Postel] [RFC867] 14 tcp Unassigned 14 udp Unassigned 15 tcp Unassigned [was netstat] 15 udp Unassigned 16 tcp Unassigned 16 udp Unassigned qotd 17 tcp Quote of the Day [Jon_Postel] [Jon_Postel] qotd 17 udp Quote of the Day [Jon_Postel] [Jon_Postel] msp 18 tcp Message Send Protocol [Rina_Nethaniel] [Rina_Nethaniel] (historic) msp 18 udp Message Send Protocol [Rina_Nethaniel] [Rina_Nethaniel] (historic) chargen 19 tcp Character Generator chargen 19 udp Character Generator ftp-data 20 tcp File Transfer [Default Data] [Jon_Postel] [Jon_Postel] ftp-data 20 udp File Transfer [Default Data] [Jon_Postel] [Jon_Postel] ftp-data 20 sctp FTP [Randall_Stewart] [Randall_Stewart] [RFC4960] ftp 21 tcp File Transfer Protocol [Jon_Postel] [Jon_Postel] [RFC959] Defined TXT keys: u= 24 tcp any private mail system [Rick_Adams] [Rick_Adams] 24 udp any private mail system [Rick_Adams] [Rick_Adams] smtp 25 tcp Simple Mail Transfer [IESG] [IETF_Chair] 2017-06-05 [RFC5321] smtp 25 udp Simple Mail Transfer [IESG] [IETF_Chair] 2017-06-05 [RFC5321] 26 tcp Unassigned 26 udp Unassigned nsw-fe 27 tcp NSW User System FE [Robert_Thomas] [Robert_Thomas] nsw-fe 27 udp NSW User System FE [Robert_Thomas] [Robert_Thomas] 28 tcp Unassigned 28 udp Unassigned msg-icp 29 tcp MSG ICP [Robert_Thomas] [Robert_Thomas] msg-icp 29 udp MSG ICP [Robert_Thomas] [Robert_Thomas] 30 tcp Unassigned 30 udp Unassigned msg-auth 31 tcp MSG Authentication [Robert_Thomas] [Robert_Thomas] msg-auth 31 udp MSG Authentication [Robert_Thomas] [Robert_Thomas] 32 tcp Unassigned 32 udp Unassigned dsp 33 tcp Display Support Protocol [Ed_Cain] [Ed_Cain] dsp 33 udp Display Support Protocol [Ed_Cain] [Ed_Cain] 34 tcp Unassigned 34 udp Unassigned 35 tcp any private printer server [Jon_Postel] [Jon_Postel] 35 udp any private printer server [Jon_Postel] [Jon_Postel] 36 tcp Unassigned 36 udp Unassigned time 37 tcp Time [Jon_Postel] [Jon_Postel] time 37 udp Time [Jon_Postel] [Jon_Postel] rap 38 tcp Route Access Protocol [Robert_Ullmann] [Robert_Ullmann] rap 38 udp Route Access Protocol [Robert_Ullmann] [Robert_Ullmann] rlp 39 tcp Resource Location Protocol [Mike_Accetta] [Mike_Accetta] rlp 39 udp Resource Location Protocol [Mike_Accetta] [Mike_Accetta] 40 tcp Unassigned 40 udp Unassigned graphics 41 tcp Graphics graphics 41 udp Graphics name 42 tcp Host Name Server name 42 udp Host Name Server nameserver 42 tcp Host Name Server nameserver 42 udp Host Name Server nicname 43 tcp Who Is nicname 43 udp Who Is mpm-flags 44 tcp MPM FLAGS Protocol mpm-flags 44 udp MPM FLAGS Protocol mpm 45 tcp Message Processing Module [recv] mpm 45 udp Message Processing Module [recv] mpm-snd 46 tcp MPM [default send] [Jon_Postel] [Jon_Postel] mpm-snd 46 udp MPM [default send] [Jon_Postel] [Jon_Postel] 47 tcp Reserved 2017-05-18 This entry has been removed on 2017-05-18.

47 udp Reserved 2017-05-18 This entry has been removed on 2017-05-18.

xns-time 52 tcp XNS Time Protocol [Susie_Armstrong] [Susie_Armstrong] xns-time 52 udp XNS Time Protocol [Susie_Armstrong] [Susie_Armstrong] domain 53 tcp Domain Name Server [Paul_Mockapetris] [Paul_Mockapetris] domain 53 udp Domain Name Server [Paul_Mockapetris] [Paul_Mockapetris] xns-ch 54 tcp XNS Clearinghouse [Susie_Armstrong] [Susie_Armstrong] xns-ch 54 udp XNS Clearinghouse [Susie_Armstrong] [Susie_Armstrong] isi-gl 55 tcp ISI Graphics Language isi-gl 55 udp ISI Graphics Language xns-auth 56 tcp XNS Authentication [Susie_Armstrong] [Susie_Armstrong] xns-auth 56 udp XNS Authentication [Susie_Armstrong] [Susie_Armstrong] 57 tcp any private terminal access [Jon_Postel] [Jon_Postel] 57 udp any private terminal access [Jon_Postel] [Jon_Postel] xns-mail 58 tcp XNS Mail [Susie_Armstrong] [Susie_Armstrong] xns-mail 58 udp XNS Mail [Susie_Armstrong] [Susie_Armstrong] 59 tcp any private file service [Jon_Postel] [Jon_Postel] 59 udp any private file service [Jon_Postel] [Jon_Postel] 60 tcp Unassigned 60 udp Unassigned 61 tcp Reserved 2017-05-18 This entry has been removed on 2017-05-18.

It can be easily added to the leading CMSes or forums: Joomla! It has literally every feature you will need in a chat, dynamic skin change, upload/webcam avatar, video special effects, avatars, smilies, flash emotions, voice messages, multiple rooms, separate video windows, a facebook-like chat bar, social connect...

even video conference mode, which allows video publishers to become broadcasters, whose video will automatically broadcast for everyone in the current chat room.

Of course, the definition of "typical web browser" is subjective, and may www-http 80 tcp World Wide Web HTTP [Tim_Berners_Lee] [Tim_Berners_Lee] change over time, but for practical purposes the DNS-SD service type "http" can be understood as meaning "human-readable HTML content served over HTTP".

In some cases other widely-supported content types may also be appropriate, such as plain text over HTTP, or JPEG image over HTTP.

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