Chat de cyber sex en espanol

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And big-name biohackers want to make sure women have options too, should this coming cybersexual revolution make genital implants as routine as piercings.Steve Haworth is well known and respected in the body modification community.Editors' note: This story is part of our ongoing Turned On special report exploring the intersection of technology and sex.

He's reshaped clients' upper ears to look elven and split tongues to make them lizard-like.

He's implanted magnets in the cartilage of his ears that can function as headphones and attempted to put tubes of experimental "armor" in his lower legs to act as built-in shin guards, should a soccer game break out at any moment, I suppose.

"Accepting the stupid default given to us by nature is an unnecessary act of submission or compliance," he says.

Aneta, 36, is a striking woman with long dark hair and thin, dramatically arched eyebrows.

She's also a colorful human canvas of tattoos, piercings and implants that she frequently shares on Instagram.

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