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But you don’t even need to wait to do this: the Internet now provides a number of tools for having a video call with someone which don’t require you to hand out your Skype ID or email address.Our favorite is Appear (, which lets you set up an instant, private video chat with someone for free, without giving out any personal information.Ask any of our members and they’ll tell you this extra focus on safety creates an environment that’s really not like anything they’ve found anywhere else.But it also means we get some extraordinary insights into the sorts of things that scammers, fakes and fraudsters will try to do to get money (or worse) from their intended victims.

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Some victims had ended up in jail, after being unwittingly duped into committing crimes themselves.

And given many of these things apply not just to dating sites, but to all sorts of online social networks, we thought we’d pull together some practical tips that everyone should think about when communicating with anyone they don’t know online — and particularly on online dating sites.

Before jumping in to the guidance, however, it’s really important to stress that we’re not simply making this stuff up — the danger from scammers online is very real.

I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t give them your bank details either.

If you wouldn’t do either of those things in the real world, then you’re going to find it easy to stay safe online, just as long as you understand how “common sense” rules from the real world translate to the world of online dating.

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