Chris jericho trish stratus dating

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Many people enter the world of sports-entertainment dreaming of it being a gateway to fame and fortune.Few have the drive to make the sacrifices necessary to achieve it.The next night on Raw, Trish accompanied Test to ringside for his match against Val Venis.When The Big Valbowski attacked Test after the match, Albert ran down to take out the controversial Superstar. The WWE Universe hung on her every word as she introduced Test and Albert as her charges.

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Stratus had no reason to be suspicious of Jericho, until she overheard Y2J and Christian going over a bet they had made.It didn’t take long for the WWE Universe to find out.Trish showed up unannounced on the March 19, 2000, edition of Sunday Night Heat, scoping out a contest between Test and Gangrel.Eventually, James’ hero worship began to border on obsession.Trish tried to let Mickie down gently, but the unstable Diva couldn’t handle the rejection, turning on her idol.

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