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The person who does the asking should pay for the date, unless the person asked insists on paying for herself while on the date.Making a “date” commits you to doing something, such as going to a movie, going dancing or having dinner.Several women were asked to dress similar to the bride in order to confuse any evil spirits that may attempt to kidnap the bride.Nowadays, the bridesmaids may dress differently from the bride, but they wear similar dresses to each other for good luck.If you did the asking the first time around, simply do not ask the person for a second date.Cynthia Gomez has been writing and editing professionally for more than a decade.

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If you do not want to go on a second date, simply turn him down politely.American wedding traditions are a fun part of the festivities.While customs will always be evolving, add a few of these practices into your American wedding for a traditional ceremony and reception.Instead, they would be abducted by the groom, his best man, and other close friends.These men are now representing both consenting parties by being groomsmen.

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