Consolidating parent plus student loans

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The sooner you get signed up for the right repayment plan, the sooner the 10-year clock officially starts.(You may even find that switching to one of the income based repayment plans results in lower payments, so that may be a pleasant surprise). There are many Federal government repayment plans, but not all of them qualify for PSLF.Your lender will be forced to respond to the allegations that you make.Finally, now that you recognize that this problem does exist, it is time to do what is necessary to mitigate the harm.

The email did didn’t make it clear why the past eight years of payments didn’t count towards forgiveness, but the likely explanation is that they were on the wrong repayment plan.

As we approach 2017, the numbers of people who realize they don’t qualify will only grow.

The sooner the magnitude of the problem is put before the powers that be, the better the odds of finding a solution.

Monthly payment amounts are based on your total loan amount – the more you owe, the higher your monthly payment will be.

You'll pay less interest over time under this plan than under other plans.

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