Consolidating super ato

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A quick and easy way to do this is to use the ATO’s online Superseeker tool to search for it.

You can also create a my Gov account and link the ATO to find some stray super funds.

If you’ve got multiple super funds sitting around gathering dust, it might be a good idea to consolidate them into one.

Doing so can cut down the amount of paperwork you deal with, save you money on fees and make it easier to understand what’s going on with your super.

Most people go through life switching jobs at least once, if not multiple times.

And when you transfer from one employer to another, this can often also mean changing superannuation funds.

The first is to do so online, through the ATO’s online services website.

As at 30 June 2018*, there was almost billion in lost and unclaimed super at the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). Search now If you’ve ever changed your name, address or job, chances are you have super in a few accounts you’ve lost track of. Search now * Australian Tax Office data: ** Which fund you consolidate your super into is your decision.We also recommend you seek advice about your own particular circumstances from a licensed financial adviser.^Words such as "top", "best", "cheapest" or "lowest" are not a recommendation or rating of products.This page compares a range of products from selected providers and not all products or providers are included in the comparison.This means your lost or unclaimed super is either: Don’t have an online account? Before combining (consolidating) your super, use our Compare Us page to see how we stack up against other funds, or visit Chant West to compare the funds of your choice. If you’ve requested to consolidate your super accounts with us, your funds should appear in your account when your other fund has processed the request.

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