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"It is not my fault that America's racist," she snapped.

This time out, "Un REAL" tackles the thorny issue of race head-on -- a particular point of controversy involving "The Bachelor," which in its long history has yet to yield a minority "winner." Series creators Marti Noxon and Sarah Gertrude Shapiro (a former "Bachelor" producer) dive straight into that thicket, having the producers select a star pro quarterback (B. Britt of "Marvel's Agents of SHIELD") as their first African-American bachelor.

As we rejoin Rachel Goldberg (Shiri Appleby), she’s ascended to “Everlasting” showrunner, replacing her mentor, Quinn King (Constance Zimmer, a virtuoso of caustic one-liners), who in turn has replaced Chet Wilton (Craig Bierko), the über-producer — and her onetime lover — who built his empire using her original idea for the series. (Sarah Gertrude Shapiro, who created “Un REAL” with Marti Noxon, was a producer on that ABC show, and “Everlasting” mirrors it right down to its unctuous human stock photo of a host.)The first season of “Un REAL” was frank about how black women usually get ditched early on dating shows — in “Everlasting” lingo, they’re not “wifeys.” Darius’s casting complicates the racial dynamic, at least to the extent that the producers are now open to the possibility of a black wifey, or “blifey.” In the “Everlasting” kingdom, that amounts to progress. Just as on “Everlasting,” any relationship on “Un REAL” can be sincere and calculated at the same time.“Un REAL” achieves the ambition of a premium-cable drama using the tools of basic cable.

Like any good reality show, “Un REAL” has come back with a Surprising! What doesn’t change is the way the producers reduce a new crop of young women to elevator pitches: the “angry black woman” (a college activist); the “terrorist” (a woman of Pakistani heritage whom the producers pressure to wear a head scarf on camera, though she doesn’t in real life); the “hot racist” (cast because she went viral on Instagram wearing a Confederate-flag bikini). The direction isn’t cinematic, but it’s complex, especially the scenes involving the chaos of shooting. ”The first season had a weakness for over-the-top twists and it drew some supporting characters broadly; Chet still seems to be on a different, more satirical show.

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" one asks, when he sees the proposed black star), and the show's creator (Craig Bierko) just as nutty.

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And its subject matter — a feminist TV producer becomes disturbingly good at making misogynist entertainment — wasn’t in the bellicose, dudely mode of dark cable drama.

But “Un REAL” was every bit as provocative and daring, and more complex in its moral shadings.

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