Createuserwizard not validating

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However, this API best suits small to medium Web sites due to their limitation in expressing a detailed member record.To have a better understanding of the provider model in ASP.

I will not spend more time on the Membership API controls in this article-you can find many online resources and articles to get more information.

The page calls the static method, Create User, which is part of the Membership class. In this case, the constructor makes a call to the base class inheriting from the Membership User.

In the new membership provider, the Create User method would still function as before by adding the member’s record into the default database; however, it will also be responsible to add the additional member-related data that was saved in the profile object previously, into a new table added to the database that will hold the additional related data on the member’s record. The full constructor shown in the code snippet below has as input a list of all the individual properties of the Membership User together with the custom properties that I added.

In addition to the Membership API’s need for more properties, it has another important limitation-by default it only works with Microsoft SQL Server and Active Directory.

This last issue is not mainly a limitation just because Microsoft built the Membership API upon the provider model-another provider can easily replace the model with any database implementation available.

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