Critique partner dating service

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The internet to me, is like space—it never ends and it’s constantly expanding.

UPDATE: Check out our new CP Match up for 2019 Hi all!

But we love the idea of having a post that can help other people find each other because other CP match up posts are how many of us met!

Once you know your potential critique partner is at a correlative level of experience and knowledge, the next step is to consider whether or not you will actually enjoy working with this person.

Although it’s important to remember that critiquing a manuscript is a large time commitment that should never be taken for granted, you certainly don’t want to put yourself in the position of depending on someone who turns out to be Now, I’ll preface this by saying that if your writing is currently stinky, then it’s not necessarily the worst sign in the world if a potential critique partner isn’t raving about it.Granted, sometimes it’s worth putting up with someone who drives you nuts they’re providing enough value.Ideally, however, you are going to be cultivating this relationship for the rest of your writing career (my very first critique partner Linda Yezak and I are going on ten years now). But you’re also professionals in your own right as writers, and you want a critique partner who brings that level of commitment and responsibility to the table.We asked on Twitter if people would be interested in a CP match up post for y’all to find critique partners and it was a resounding yes. As you might know we all met up through various CP match-up posts like the one hosted by the amazing Susan Dennard.So we are very much pro critique partner match ups on blogs.

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