Dating a drunk

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While asking someone out for a drink can be a perfect way to stage your initial attempt at romance with that new hottie who's caught your eye, there are pitfalls galore that you need to avoid.Following are some cardinal do's and don'ts to keep in mind when choosing the best venue for your amorous opening gambit.I’m not shy about the fact that I don’t drink, so this is a really good way to weed people out if I’m on the fence. Let’s say there’s a guy I really like, and he asks me out for drinks. If I say I don’t drink alcohol, he might change his mind about me. And, like the last point, sometimes it’d be nice to use alcohol as an excuse to do these things. Also, when you do find a guy who doesn’t drink, the conversation usually starts with, “Wow! Or he might say, “I know, but I didn’t realize you hate bars.” And I don’t! Not for the hangovers or the blackouts or the poor decisions, but because if they profess their feelings to their crush or they go in for a first kiss, they can always blame their buzz for doing it. However, there’s one time where that line is a bit of a bummer: when you don’t drink. Something you’ll notice is that almost every profile suggests “getting a drink” as a first date activity. Getting a drink means you’re really only committing to a short date that you can always extend by ordering another.” message, especially if you know they are going to be up early the next day. You may have had just enough whiskey sours to have tapped into a deep well of emotions and desires. If you’ve had a couple drinks and start feeling uninhibited enough to think that sending an unsolicited nude pic, now is the moment to hand off the phone to your most responsible friend, We’ve all enjoyed those articles about drunk text fails. I get two beers in me and suddenly I love everyone!In my experience, prime drunk texting hours are between 11 p.m. But trust me, that magnum opus you have in mind is probably just a word salad with Fireball dressing on the side at this point. Where peeps accidentally send a request for hard core anal to their dad. But have you ever thought “jeez, I wish that was me! So unless you someday want to end up in one of those listicles, double check that you are actually sending that drunk text to the right person. I just want everyone to know how special they are to me.

Because of this, my dating life tends to go a little differently. Her blog, Makeup Files, was named one of the best beauty blogs of 2011 by SHAPE Magazine.A good first date is a lot like a movie trailer: it ought to be short, exciting, and should leave you both wanting more.As a bartender, I’ve helped facilitate hundreds of first dates, and I’ve seen it all — the good, the bad, and the deeply awkward.It’s easy to know when someone doesn’t read my profile. I have the comfort of knowing that when he goes in for that first kiss, and the moment is totally fairy-tale-in-real-life magical, I’m going to remember it. You can often find her dishing about The Bachelor, hiking up mountains or having way too much fun with colorful eye shadow. As soon as a guy asks if he can take me out for drinks, I know he only skimmed my dating profile, if that. Because when you’re completely sober, it’s awfully hard to find the courage and recklessness you need to justify banging a stranger knowing full well that you’ll never see him again. Some drink more than others, but it’s still a pastime for most people. No, I won’t go for the guys whose only pictures are of them hoisting solo red cups in the air, but I certainly won’t discount a guy just because he has a love for craft beers.

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