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It can be said with confidence that the world's most professional special forces is that belonging to Britain.The Special Air Service is the number one fighting force in the world it is trained to perform equally well in all the fields listed for the SEALs, but is also trained by MI-5 and MI-6 for in-depth counter-espionage, more so than the SEALs.Also where are the experience of actual combat or credentials gained? Sooner or Later this special group will be on TOP and very soon the death of Pakistan (A terrorist promoting country) will be delivered by the hands of MARCOS. Of bad experieneces as terrorism, warfronts, hill terrain warfare, sea front war etc...See, Indian special forces/MARCOS- they are the one who are prepared keeping in view the worst ever situation. But the good is that we are more familiar with the things, so we know better than any one how to face the situations, thus they are trained keeping in view all the things.

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It's often remarked that the sand beret is also worn by US Rangers but this was a recent development and in any case the Rangers are NOT the same kind of unit.

There is plenty of evidence to support that the SAS are the best.

I served in the British Army and I can honestly say that a number of soldiers from the ..Navy SEALs The Navy SEa Ls are the best the United States has to offer. They are one of the best in physical capabilities after the Spetsnaz.

The SSG course emphasizes physical conditioning, including a 36-mile march in 12 hours and a five mile run in 45 minutes with full gear.

Only about 5% recruits make it through to the Pakistan SSG due to the very tough training course.

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