Dating culture usa 1945

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Those unlucky enough not to be pulled up before the dynamite exploded, perished.Many Chinese also died from harsh weather conditions.

In 1869, when tracks from east and west were joined at Promontory Point, Utah, no Chinese were allowed to attend the ceremony.Competition with the Chinese brought to the surface the economic pressures whites were trying to escape in the industrializing Northeast, and the Chinese quickly became scapegoats as a result.[5] White settlers took a number of steps to discourage Chinese immigration.As early as 1852, the California legislature passed the Foreign Miner’s License Tax, stipulating a monthly tax of three dollars on every foreign miner not desiring to become a citizen.In addition, they were the only workers who were willing to assume the danger of handling explosives.On Cape Horn, a particularly notorious rock outcrop in the Sierra Nevada Mountains near Colfax, California, workers were lowered down the cliff face in a wicker basket to drill holes in a solid granite wall and then stuff them with dynamite.

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