Dating days lyrics

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I love the smells, the meaning of the season, the giving hearts, and the love that permeates the air!

As a rule I try not to get caught up in the busyness of the Christmas season but busyness always seems to sneak in.

The amazingly talented Kensie with totally rocked these beautiful printables! PLUS, not only do you get 4 AMAZING cards we have also created a beyond beautiful envelope to tuck them each inside of!

Looking for a Christmas countdown that’s more naughty than nice?

I asked him what he wanted and he replied, “You KNOW what I want.” I just laughed and said, “No really, what do you want?

After you read this post you are going to want to add this to your traditions too!!!

Grab a cute little box, I used a snowflake take-out box, to place all of your lovely, sassy, flirty, and teasing ornaments into.

So, if you're ready to post that Insta, but don't know what to say, here are 44 lyrics for when you need an Instagram caption.

Have you ever had that song on the radio that instantly takes you back to a place, a specific memory, you can picture everything about the moment because of the song?! You can relate to them, you have people tied to them and you have emotions about them! I know that when “our” song comes on the radio I am instantly taken back to the moment he first told me that he loved me!

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