Dating finding god in way

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It’s taken me twenty-four months to re-emerge from a period of intense self-reflection and spiritual growth. Keeping myself 100% God centered is definitely a challenge. I haven’t been praying lately and my spirit feels it. At any given moment most of us have a million things coming at us from a million different directions. Continue Reading Life goes on after catastrophe - it’s just the way it goes.

I’m fiercely independent and have never been the type to “have to” be in a relationship.

“They know something’s missing,” Doak said, but “they don’t know what to call it.” Such was the case with some of the soldiers Father Hesseling and Neal met in the Afghanistan mountain compound last year.

“It was kind of a shell-shocked environment, people groping around emotionally,” Father Hesseling recalled.

In one particularly difficult job, Doak was training his replacement who had just arrived.

But along the way, there was a traffic accident involving Afghan civilians. ’” Father Hesseling said he talks about the difference between God’s positive will and his permissive will — that God does not will suffering but he may allow it to occur when good can result from it.

Doak and his team treated the civilians and secured the help they could. Fighting back a wave of emotion, Doak explained that for a long time, he held himself responsible and questioned why such a tragedy happened. Prayer, discernment and support of friends and faith are crucial to a soldier’s finding peace in the quandary, he said.

If you would’ve told me a few years back that I’d be creating a blog to share my personal life experiences?! so here goes…Getting back out there and dating has been odd for me.

I’m still on my journey and enjoying every second of it! I’ve made a commitment to being honest in my posts…

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