Dating ghosts movie

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The end revelation is one of a kind which makes it worth a watch. - Alien King Please watch and subscribe to my videos sausagelover99 was funny not scary The Fog I always liked revenge stories. The ghosts are justified in their 100 year old vengeance. The Exorcism of Emily Rose It may not be highly disturbing but really good a story that can keep you engaged One of the most scary films I've seen so far.

It might not be the scariest movie, but the plot just makes this awesome, different. Are you serious this ghost movie was amazing and is way better then the sixth sense wich is such an overrated ghost horror movie. The victims are nice people who have to answer for their grandparents. A straight up classic, remember watching it when I was a kid and found it pretty scary in places! Is not a ghost but it looks like a ghost but it's really scary and spooky and it freak me out of my mind and it is really horrible totally Super story line...

I am personally offended that this terrifying movie is number 12 on the list.

This is the only horror film I got scared at and I know I am talking about considering I hysterically laughed all the whey through the grudge ha ha ha!

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Its really gets you the spooks and makes your hairs stand up and in my opinion that's what a ghost movie should do The Orphanage brilliant This movie, I totally enjoyed as I first watched it in another language and didn't even know what they were saying but the movie draw- ed me into wanting to watch more so I got the English subtitle one the second time watching it and I was amazed, its my fave ghost movie ever Excellent horror film.

Best horror movie Poltergeist This one is a total classic.

It seems like most haunted house movies still to this day try to copy this movie. The Sixth Sense Best people vote get it in the top 3 - Elicia This is the best psychological horror movie. This movie has the great soul that make each scene as classic.

The thing James Wan nailed the most, however, was the tone and atmosphere.

I get a creep from watching Insidious every time just because of it's dark, gloomy and foreboding atmosphere.

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