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Immature people often want to make the other people happy by sacrificing their own happiness and to play the role of a savior in their lives.

This happens by two reasons: a) the person wants to fill the emptiness inside them by being in favor of the others and b) the person wants to a part of your life and happiness, only to feel that they belong to somebody. The lack of control over the emotions and the thoughts is another significant feature of the immature people.

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When was the last time when your partner was mad at you for no reason?

There’s a reason why relationships end before they begin today.

Apart from people having huge egos and little to no patience, immature dating habits are also to be blamed for the short spans of relationships. You don’t need validation from strangers on the internet, nor do you need to show off how happy you are.

If you haven’t been too lucky in love, ask yourself if you’re displaying any of these signs of being an immature dater: You expect a lot of dates.You don’t need to talk for weeks and weeks, but you should at least try to get to know him a bit. It’s much more immature to claim that you just can’t date because of all the losers out there or because no good guys seem to exist. Modern dating is all about having hope in the face of many obstacles.If you rush into things, you’re being kind of childish. Of course you’re allowed to discount guys for being into drugs or not having a steady job. But if your deal breakers are so ridiculous that even your best friends laugh at them, you’re just screwing yourself over. If you take a dating break, then just own up to it. If you refuse to believe that there are some good guys out there, you’re not only being immature, but you’re also making yourself pretty unhappy.People who love playing victims often have brutally low self-esteem, but bear in mind that they might be very vengeful and aggressive.Playing the victim has its psychological explanation.

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