Dating recovering bad timing

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But your text might land on some perfect timing: recent breakup, or some long drought period.. You can use it as a flooding strategy: when you’re in any downtime copy paste the exact same message and send it to all the old unresponsive numbers.

You can write you were deleting old numbers; or that you either saw her or someone who looked exactly like her; or that you stumbled by mistake on that old conversation.

But nothing stops you from using it with women from your same city.

If you do, you can tell her one month later you’re back for a few days and you will then try to make things happen quickly during that time.

So I proceed to invite her to what is useful to her.

Notice that exactly one hour later she promptly calls me back.

When she picks up it’s a bit like starting from a clean slate.If you’re nervous: Of course, the call might go unanswered as well. Let’s be honest, you might be too nervous for the call. If you did call, leave a message on the voice mail -make it cool and nonchalant and tell her to call you back-.After a few days, if she hasn’t called back, then switch medium again with a text message.And scarcity and the human tendency of valuing what we can’t have also come to your rescue (check Influence by Cialdini).I use it with all the girls I liked but never got around to meet while I travel.

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