Dating rolleicord cameras

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Still, the lovely Yashinon lenses are the same in both cameras, with a beautiful purple coating and a matched viewing and taking set to boot.I have heard that the later 124G lenses weren’t made to the same tolerances as the earlier 124 and 124G Yashinons, that also is hearsay, I have no way of confirming that.There are several sources for Rollei TLR camera serial numbers. evans all did their immaculate research in the old Franke - Heidecke and Rollei archives.

It is also silent where the 124 has a zippy ratcheting noise when you wind it.

Shutter: Model Type 1: Synchro Compur MXV, 1 - 1/500 sec., B, X-sync. Film Transportation: winding lever with auto stop on first exposure, exposure counter for exposures 1-12. counter, for German Police authorities with 12 exp.

This model was also delivered customized to order with gray leather: Between 19: For Philips Oscillograph with 16 & 24 exp.

Where the 124G is a slick, all-black monster of professional goodness, the 124 is a more refined-looking instrument, with chrome brightwork and pebbled covering.

Until I held them both together I would have said the differences are largely cosmetic, but using them side by side reveals that there were a host of small refinements made to the G model besides the all-black finish and the reported gold-plated electrical contacts.

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