Dating sanitary cans

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The modern factory with open floor plans and abundant light through multiple spacious windows met the needs of industry for efficient manufacturing, improved production and the management of workers.The American Can building also displays visual elements of the Commercial architectural style which prevailed for tall commercial and industrial buildings at the turn of the twentieth century.The dominance of American Can within its market was rapid and extraordinary.By 1917, it ranked thirty-first largest among the nation’s top 500 companies.The project also received Federal tax incentives that provided an additional 20 percent credit.For both programs, rehabilitation work is reviewed by the Ohio History Connection in its role as the State Historic Preservation Office and the National Park Service to ensure that it meets the Secretary of Interiors Standards for Rehabilitation.

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I keep running across people who throw canned foods out as soon as they reach their best used by date.

The American Can Company was established in 1901 by a group of astute businessmen who recognized the opportunity for growth in the container industry due to the increased demand for cans for products like paint and tobacco and for ‘sanitary’ cans for convenience foods.

By aggressively buying out rival companies, American Can Company effectively eliminated competition and at the same time acquired the latest industrial technology.

The American Can Company building, constructed in 1921, represents the development of the modern reinforced concrete factory building first created by architect Albert Kahn in 1907 for the Packard Motor Car Company in Detroit.

This construction method transitioned away from the use of wood for factory walls, roofs and supports to the use of reinforced concrete which meant better fire protection and allowed the use of heavy machinery in industrial buildings.

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