Dating softball player

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He's not doing it for the publicity or to get on camera.

He doesn't sneak out after only a few innings or scroll through his phone instead of paying attention.

There’s actually a saying, “SOE” which stands for softball over everything. When he’s at the fields, it really is If he’s anything like the average player, he will take it very seriously. Like I said, going to the fields can be fun, but not if you’re that girlfriend that cannot be away from her boyfriend for 2 minutes. Remember, you’re solely there for support & beer (who doesn’t love a tub or five of alcohol?!

If he makes an error or gets out, it’s best to steer clear of him for at least 10 minutes, unless you’re bringing him a beer, in which case, he may not pout for nearly as long. Trust me, it may seem like softball season is never ending, sometimes you’ll be convinced that every weekend for the rest of your life (or as long as your dating him) will be spent at the ball fields, but enjoy it. ) so if he goes off with his friends during a game break instead of having a make out session with you, it’s NOT the end of the world.

But in my humble opinion as a man, you should totally date a softball player. Well I’m glad you did, because I’m here to tell you why.

Being an athlete in general really brings you down a notch.

Playing softball at the college level is about your ability to perform mentally.

You need to be able to make a decision, and the right one might I add, in an instant.

It’s a lot easier for him to go into the season knowing when he can’t play then wait until a week or two before hand to let him know about it, after he just found out they have a big tournament that same weekend. Clearly mine is writing, but some people love to cook, bake, dance, sing.. It’s great to have a hobby or do something that just makes you happy.It’s even better to see someone you love do what they love.Please don’t make it an argument if he decides to go and you’re not/can’t.There are plenty of other things he could be doing instead of playing with balls with other men (LOL jk) but don’t hate him too much for playing. Chances are, you’re boyfriend was playing ball long before he even knew you existed or at least before you took part of his heart..

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