Dating someone with your same birthday

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A consequence of this is that the pool of people you know from the exact same ages is by guesstimation a factor of 5 bigger than the expected value, if $age If it's an event specified before the fact, you can simply break it down: The chance that your boyfriend was born the same year as you is actually very high (especially given many situations tend to bring people of very similar age together); it's a very difficult probability to calculate, though, without data.If you had that probability, P(Same day and same year) = P(Same year) $\times$ P(Same day|same year).So if you had some good estimate of P(Same year), you can calculate the overall probability reasonably well.

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Anytime someone would ask him his birthday and he told them, they'd be like "Oh!

That sucks.." and I had the same reaction at first too, but after we celebrated it together last year, I realized that it was just another day to him and to me.

I used to date a girl whose bday was December 31st.

I probably have the worst date for a birthday ever. I admit I actually did feel that way for the first year or so, but life goes on and there are alot worse things then having a sucky birthday.

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