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It is understandable if a client feels false in the girl and that she does not get the same pleasure from mutual communication, the interest in her will disappear.Basic earnings are brought by the repeat customers who tell details of their life, complain of their boring wives and difficult working routine. When Alina went to work with curiosity, Svetlana’s difficult financial condition made her to take so interesting offer.65 thousand boys and girls sent their passport details to work in the porn industry.According Similar Web, the site is visited about 329 million times a month.A couple of years ago a client of a site won the case because a girl of a porno chat agreed to marry him if he sends her some money and a ring. “I did not know some words in my native language, and I had no idea what I could do with my body”.At first she behaved modestly, did not strip herself naked on camera and listened with horror stories of her colleagues’ airs.

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“It’s funny to remember now because buying a new underwear is for me a mandatory weekly expense item, on which my income depends, but then I made do with what I had or could find for my career progress.This is how one of the US sites with interactive porn works.About 65 thousand models are registered on the site, i.e.Note, that this site is not the only one; there are at least a dozen equally large sites with similar content.Most of them are based in the United States – there is a legal business, which pays taxes and the models are even entitled to health insurance and retirement. According to the Article 301 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, such activity is equivalent to the spread of pornography and is punishable by imprisonment of three to five years.

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