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-~f- t * 'J- j» i— ib ike f Mopei J ^^^^* mjusfli B irmi UTri DAT ao Rsuro at SVAKOPEE, MIX! ^ MACDONALD & RUSSBLL, " f ibwtjj and ^luiott, now and (orivir, ^Uif ana inisriiarattf." VOLUME 1. Gen.i „,^,i of the - change " which they were told, if the country hereabouu belonged to the' ^ad of the wounded ane j q^^ nominees are " the nght men in the | ^^^ j,j ,.^j j^ j^ ^^^^ „^,,y p^^^^^ that I have the nature and severity of their wounds, and a oauuio Departine BT. Rosencraos has ^^^j^^ place," and are just such men as the iu- g^n within tho last 300 miles that I would be „ a matter of humanity, as we U as necessity twwn assigned to the command of the forces , ^^^ prostrate and bleeding country, '■ ofilliug to locate on It stands on a de«p val- they were left behind.

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Harvfjt Beci-.v— Harvest has begun in | earnest, in this vicinity.

In going moniing, with a body gaurd of the Fourth [ ^^^tly, to within less than a mile of our po- nv«i to Genl Pope. and n.«t at being superseded by his lafenor in , ^^^^^ ^,„, ^y their votes, declare that they i .^ ^j,^ ^^^^ ^.^^ j evuien^^ ^^ overwhelming force. and at his request the secretary of « ar , ^^^^ ^j^j, ^g j^ raying that they have had st J o is situated on the Pembina river, and j '];\^ck ware, oo Satwday, aboat one thons- j„„cture two of our gnnboats. l» kn mii In th U t»oatry •r Kii P'p", "ver mruiii; i.»s», Kriiii ii Kr»n: g Ryv K. Hooker's Division broke camp in the Governors of the loyal States, the President J^J^^^^^^.^^^^^ ^ J ^.^ ^.^^^^^j^,^ 'P^^,^ . pounders, the shells e.xplodiug in the edge of the woods .nlong the line of hills where it was supposed the enemy would attempt to turn our left. M.r at tl,.- froni rioor of thc Court l Iou K- In a.xl-1 (of^c'rtt •».

Their course is to- ' tcrg at Savages Station at daviight on Sunday ^ ^^^^ ^^^ ^^.jj^.^ ^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^ advancing, ap- Vireinia— the command of which has been : ^ confident of victory, and fully satl-fied ward Devils Lake and its vicinity. ^«.l.« that thp, """^ *" "'*'''^ themselves more or leas useful „„t, after crossing tho White Oak .,j,bting driven in. to -iff T the pu Lllr a marol Bf •"» »•• »t::(lc lull 7 Octave Rosew^ood Piano ci.nliiliilnis»ll lniprov«iii.i! KEW y CKK AND EEIE RAILROAD- GREJT BROAD CIVGE, DOUBLR TR. In response to a pioposition made by the ^^^^-^^ ntr Ulhou^brea^'^r Gen.

.*ome thn-e or four wnpoiw pa.'^down thiit forcilt a goodly (|nanty of that good old "life preserver." iind iuijicnetrable '•niijsq'iito-bar," n.sually kept — for long jnaiit.s — in a two gal- lon jug of the real old stripe G»» alicad boys, that's e.xactly the way to catch wild-gecss — to "O OD the chas*. Tr«rmlrc'be iiio»t dimcurt work npon the t Moo..' jaiiie or th»he.,vle-t-! To gratify the vanity of this a5«-pirant to notoriety, we do. liefore leaving for Abcrrronibii— to which place he has gone as clerk — find a broadsides, of builds, at our Congressional noiiiimf, lion.

iv I' Ilnd It to t ketr *lvaiitaic« tu call and •xaiialnenur »l M.k cun- alall Bg uf BARTHOLF'SCELERKATKI) M.\('HIXKS ■Wh'eh we see pie^«e.1 In Inform f'le im MIr a doite that we should notice him.

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