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I want to be the man who makes your bad days better.

I want to Je suis un homme sensible, vraie, intellectuelle, aimant la culture (histoire, géo, littérature, politique, relations internationales, missions humanitaires, tourisme, ciné, musée, expos, chant, musique, la guitare que Not very good at giving profile.

My name is Katerina and I invite you to discover my marriage agency, Heart of the East.

I am originally from Kharkov, in Eastern Ukraine, not far from the border with Russia.

I am a true explorer, seeking not only truth and beauty, but also better ways to do things and ways to make a difference in the world and in the lives of people near me.

And as a sensualist I look also to maximize pleasu..

I am looking for people just to chat for a start, maybe something will come out after.

I am caring, honest and compassionate about living and loving. I am soft spoken, Hello, Simple human for simple human... AND the soul and the mind and the body have no price...

Need to cultivate these 3 elements of them as gods on this Earth to make this Land I love reading, first of all, getting to know, looking for the details, deepest significance in life and seraching it ( I admit, quite annoying probably 9 - for me it is essential and alwyas hadbeen so - since age of 12MOSCOW ONLY!

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