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Its worth noting that the German economy at that time was still quite revolutionary and did in many ways resemble the models we use now, which influenced or at least was admired by Keynesian economic thinkers of the time (it might have been the other way around though).Personally I think Germany would run into huge problems anyways in this case, but overall it'll have remained on top over many other European nations that were far more economically conservative.As some posters have mentioned, war was an important part of Nazi Germany's early economic success.The large increase in GDP from 1934ish till the outbreak of general European war reflects almost solely the rise in arms production, and every weapon made was a waste of economic potential and a waste to the civilian sector.if you make use of a blog publishing system which in turn uses Lucene.

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If they didn't expand aggressively they'd be failing to follow through on their ideology, so their reign would either be bloodless and short-lived or bloody and still short-lived.

It wasn't until Barborossa sputtered that military development was restarted in earnest.

Interesting, earlier you said that one of your granfathers was in the Navy and the other was in the Heer (and specifically not the SS).

Re-armament did kick start the depressed economy, but it wasn't economic investment and it wasn't sustainable.

After the fall of France in 1940, Hitler essentially halted development of new military hardware for economic reasons.

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