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Ultimately, you don’t know enough about your recipient yet, or if they’re interested in you, so don’t waste effort writing lengthy intros; that can come later.

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“Hi Lucy, that’s an uncommonly cute kitten you’ve got sitting on the chair next to you! ” works far better than a wall of text your recipient probably won’t have time to read.

If you do compliment someone, make sure you cleverly integrate the comment into something they can easily respond to so you don’t leave them thinking ‘uh…thanks?

”Before you hit send, always check your messages for any spelling or grammatical errors.

” At the very least, use your recipients name in your first message to show you’ve at least read that far into their profile, and you’re not messaging every Tom, Dick or Harry, who you might not even really be interested in.

On a dating site remember that you want to try as best as possible to stand out – in the right way – from the crowd.

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