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Hi , Here is the scenario: -- My AP expires in Dec'08 ( Applied for extension and waiting..) -- H1 in Apr'09. Assuming I haven't received my new AP even in Dec'08, will I be out of status once my AP is expired ? Now I cannot afford a decent apartment/stable address with all these hurdles. My H1 is valid till 2010 and if I use AP now they will give it till Nov'2009. If all these payless H1 are breaking the law and USCIS finds them then thousands will be banned for 10 years from entering US rt.If I go to India say in Nov'08 and come back to US before the AP expiry using AP document (without going for H1 stamping as my visit is very short). would I need to apply for H1 extension before my I-94(parolee) expires so that I can have an I-94 that is valid ? Even then My advice is also consult a lawyer and let us know what did the lawyer say. There are thousands of H1s who didnot get pay and converted to h4. Can anybody tell me to how many people it happened till now?When taking into account of all of these I feel like people will argue for sometime and then will become happy with whats left.

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As far as I can predict it really does not matter if some one is looking at PD of 2008 and from India , one is there for a long time if congress does not act. Just like 1st world war trench warfare was a standoff tactic but was eventually made redundant by invention of tanks. I see few volunteers encouraging members to call representatives and also help IV by contributing financially - and they update the forum almost every 5 minutes (thanks to their dedication) - but if the efforts are not going to materialize NOW - should we not relax until the time was appropriate?Repeated failures might weaken the CIR coalition (Refer the Greg Siskind post about MALDEF chief few months back). i heard that us chamber of commerce gives a lot of money to gop...... repeated failures will not weaken cir coalition..... I just hope that my application did not end up with the July applications. Receipting is slow in NSC, I am not sure how, that is where I am confused.actor announced the end of his nearly 10-month engagement Wednesday night.In an Instagram post, the 29-year-old TV star wrote, "Im disappointed that i didnt see how fake you were, or pay attention to the backstabbing you did in front of me.

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