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(Believe me, it's not going there) We went to Florida and went to a water park called Wet N' Wild.

I went down one of the big water slides and waited at the bottom to get splashed by all the other people going going down the slide.

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All the women in my life are “potential partners” if you will, flirting back and forth and all that. This sounds pretentious I’m aware, but it would be really nice to learn how to overcome that urge to flirt with every woman who I get close too.

(The hotter she is the easier it works and the better it works!

) That means you can use this under-the-radar trick (she'll never know you're using it) and mold her into exactly what you want her to think of you. I used this trick to have a FOURSOME on a pile of dirty clothes in my crappy apartment.

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