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Marcus Mariota is a stud, but he had to come from somewhere and that somewhere is Honolulu, Hawaii. Well, Mariota thinks it’s cool and that’s why he represents Honolulu, wearing his signature 808 facemask that happens to be the area code of his hometown.

It may be somewhat subtle, but Marcus Mariota’s facemask uses a bar configuration that forms the numbers 808 right on the front of the mask.

1313800592the half cage look isn't used as much anymore, even though i think it's pretty useful (and doesn't affect visibility if you're a lineman). I actually think wearing full face cages makes kinda them look like pussies.

It's like saying a QB looks indicicating because he's wearing rib pads.

Apparently, it was a linemen's "Dungard" facemask that Stabler had the manufacture modify.

Joe Namath's was also pretty cool -- As a kid, I played running back on my little league teams.

Extra protection gives off the opposite impression of toughness People aren't saying they're intimidating because they look super protective, they say they're intimidating because they often make people look more like machines and it makes it hard to read their faces. This one in particular is really lame, I think it is a joke that it was called intimidating.

He gained fame at Oregon, rose to the Heisman podium and will be drafted in the NFL this year.

Besides sunshade and eye protection, wearing a tinted visor makes you look very intimidating.

Being able to see your eyes helps medical staff come to a conclusion on your injury and rule out unconsciousness.

While this is a rule at the amateur level, professional football players are allowed to wear whatever eye shield they please.

These are a limited run design and will be hard to come by, so if you want to get your hands on one, now is the time.

Looking for a clean and protective visor for the upcoming season that is within league regulations?

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