Intimidating male actors

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Albert Anastasia: 10/10 Fausto Tozzi as Albert Anastasia: 7/10 Fausto Tozzi: 5/10 The real life Albert Anastasia is no one that anyone wanted to mess with.

Even his enemies didn’t want to confront him head-on because they knew of the repercussions.

He did what he could with the part and made Valachi appear as tough as he possibly could.It doesn’t appear that the actor himself has ever been in any legal trouble, but his image seems to be that of a bad ass (but just not bad enough).Tony Bender: 9/10 Guido Leontini as Tony Bneder: 7/10 Guido Leontini: 5/10 Anthony Strollo, better known as Tony Bender, was a high-up and active member of the Mafia.Let’s see if we can compare the toughness of the real life mobster to that of the character portrayed by the actor, and the actor the story of Joseph Valachi and the history of how he became the first government informant against the Mafia.

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