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Make sure you re read it a couple of times to be sure it doesn’t come off sounding either cheesy or desperate.

Delete any blatant and blind compliments that are not directed at her as well as being specific to either her profile picture (bits that stand out) or her interests.

You would mention your name , perhaps where you noticed them from and ask them about themselves.

I realise that your emotions and even desperation might be high right now but try to keep a lid on it while getting this first introductory email out.

Delete any clichés Here are some quick and dirty dating introduction templates. Hey/Howdy/Hi (Her Name), I noticed your profile and it looks like we have some common interests!

Spend some real quality time looking over the profile description hobbies and interests of your girl/guy.

She will want to know certain vital pieces of information about you but on the whole focus on her hobbies or bits of her profile that she is obviously into.

Remember this is a dating introduction so act like you would in normal day introductions.

Regards (your name) If you have found a drop dead georgeous girl online and cant help but email her, but you don’t have to much in common try this.

Hello (her) My Names (your name), every time I see your picture I can’t help but smile.

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