Kim k dating new man

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Unable to keep up the charade, I blew up my spot about 10 minutes into my Moscow mule, telling him all about the experiment.He advised that I take on such journalistic missions more often, as I clean up quite well when abstaining from oversize button-downs and beanies.Ignoring their blatant judgement, I disguised myself with oversize shades and made my lady-in-waiting–slash–personal paparazzo snap a few hundred photos of me.Only three of them turned out to be presentable, prompting a newfound appreciation for Kim and her ability to look camera-ready at all times.As we approached the Beekman, my walk down memory lane was overtaken by a feeling of sheer embarrassment.

Rather than exuding femininity or sensuality or any other Kim-esque qualities, I felt more like the mid-20s version of myself, ready to head out to (the original) Bungalow 8 and tap into whatever debauchery the night had in store.As only happens in New York, at that moment a group of young models walked by.All three were dressed in black, each one revealing an expanded stretch of stomach, cleavage, or leg, an Alexander Wang party snap come to life.I swiveled around on my bar stool, feeling like Julia Roberts in , about to unveil her post-streetwalker self—except that, in my case, it was a reverse makeover.To my shock, his reaction was not all that different from Richard Gere’s: “Wow, you look magnificent,” he said, giving me that newly familiar up-and-down.

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