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Back up the road at the Elika bar, Samer Asakleh was hanging out with a co-worker.A folksy Arab song about smoking marijuana played from the speakers, and posters tacked to the wall advertised a concert featuring an Arab ska band, Toot Ard.“The people in Haifa, especially in these cafes, they are making revolutions,” said Mr. He moved here from his home village of Mughar, in Galilee, to study management and was initially surprised by the open, seemingly libertine attitudes and social mores of people he met.To achieve the duality between preservation and progress, 3 scenarios were exercised to open up the reconsider possibilities of looking at the problematic opposition: Scenario 1 – Refreshing the Present, when stararchitects designs in Penang Scenario 2 – Boxing up Georgetown, dividing the preserved and the developed Scenario 3 – 100 year old Megastructures, when the new becomes the old The tower is a data collection that is constantly growing and constant update of culture, historical events and architectural elements for Penang over the time.With the re-composed Chinese shophouses architectural features, the floor levels are stacked onto one another and every floor higher indicates the refinement of its previous architecture feature to suit the locals; present lifestyles.

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“This is the new Palestinian society we are aiming for.”HAIFA, Israel — At Elika, a bar in the Hadar neighborhood of this hilly port city, a 30-something psychodramatist rolled a cigarette and sipped coffee with her father, a well-known actor in Israel. But their public life in Haifa is a striking secular counterpoint to the conservatism of many of Israel’s Arab communities, where sex before marriage is taboo, and single men and women rarely date and tend to marry at relatively young ages, in matches often arranged by their mothers.

In Georgetown Penang where the heritages becomes the representation the entire city, the entitlement for its importance and preservation have made it almost impossible to imagine the potential future architecture for the city.

Retrospectively, it is also impossible to disregard the existence of Penang’s heritage buildings.

This makes Haifa a comfortable place for liberal Palestinians who want not only to escape the constraints of conservative Arab communities but also to be among their own people.“If you are in an Arab neighborhood, you have a community.

If you live in a Jewish neighborhood, you are a stranger, and that gives you freedom as an Arab woman,” said Fidaa Hammoud, 32.

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